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Please find listed below commonly asked Questions which may help you.

What can I do on this website?

You can buy and sell digital artwork for your crafting creations, and be part of our friendly online crafting community.

How Can I Join?

You can join by going to the Register Page and you will be sent an activation email.

How Can I Upload my Designs and Artwork?

Please download our Craft Rabbit upload guide. It is a 3 page document designed to get you started.

Tell me about the Awards and Badges?

We Award people with many different types of badges depending on how you perform on the site. You win badges for having the most sales in a given month or for things like making the most friends. Any badges you earn are displayed in your public profile for all to see. Some badges even mean you will earn more money from your shop sales.

Tell me about my Store Spaces!

All new members are given 20 empty store spaces to upload quality artwork they have designed into. The first sale you make on each new bit of art will award you with an extra store space. The more Art you sell the more spaces you earn and the bigger you store becomes. If you are a professional designer and require more spaces please contact us direct.

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload jpg and png files. Photos of finished work can only be jpg format.

What size and dpi must my images in my shop be?

An International Standard A4 sheet at 300 DPI (dots per inch) with a width of 2480 pixels and height of 3508 pixels will save out in photoshop at around 2.5MB. Artwork used for printing should be saved in jpg format Quality compression level high.

Your design does not have to be A4 size or saved at 300 DPI, the above is the maximum Craft Rabbit accepts.

We also suggest you could try 1240 * 1754 at 150 DPI which will result in a smaller MB file size but still print very well and be A4 size. This is useful for people who are having issues uploading artwork.

What can I use a png file for?

Png files are used in card design programs such as My Craft Studio. They allow for a transparent background around artwork (such as a cartoon character). Users can design artwork and save it as a png file. The png can be loaded into card design software and placed on the page without having a big white background box around it like a jpg would have.

Designers may design a card template and save it as a jpg for crafters to print and build a card, but they may also like to save elements in the card, such as borders or characters, as seperate png files. Crafters can then use these elements to build their own card designs using software such as My Craft Studio.

Explain seller Ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum!

The higher up the seller ranks you get the more you earn from your shop. You climb the seller ranks as you sell more.

  • Bronze: 100 Sales pays 20% of Shop Sales
  • Silver: 1000 Sales pays 30% of Shop Sales
  • Gold: 5000 Sales pays 40% of Shop Sales
  • Platinum: 10,000 Sales pays 50% of Shop Sales

Progress Bar does not work!

Some uploaders may find that their progress bar jumps straight to 100%. Don't worry it is still working away in the background. What is happening here is that your virus killer has intercepted the upload and is scanning your file for viruses before sending it on to Craft Rabbit. Be patient and all should be fine.

How to Transfer Funds to PayPal

Uploaders that have been successful in selling their artwork can transfer their money earned to their associated PayPal account via their accounts page. You will see a setting that you must tick each month to confirm you wish to transfer your craft earnings.

How do I add my email address to PayPal?

If you already have a PayPal account you can read the detailed instructions at PayPal on how to add an additional email address to your PayPal account should need be.