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  • Plc
  • Pauline Coulson
  • hull
  • yorkshire
  • 22 Jun 2011
  • plc


plc 15 plc 14 plc 13 plc 12 plc 11 plc 10 plc 9 plx 8 plc 7 plc 6 plc 5 plc4 plc3 plc 2 plc 1 plc16 plc 13 plc 11 plc 7 angep plc pixi girl plc blossom plc my garden plc angel globe plc pixy frame plc my cat plc murmade plc girl in window plc pixy plc doggy plc peaches plc birds plc autumn girl plc carole plc pink rose plc ice girl plc plc (2) blossom plc hearts plc my garden plc angel globe plc my cat plc murmade plc girl in window plc doggy plc peaches plc birds plc pink rose plc murmade plc my cat plc rain . plc pixy plc plc16 bunny land with a carrot plc bunny mummy plc easter bunny plc bunny land plc love bear plc bunnies with heart in the clouds plc swan frame plc flower frame plc blach plc woodland fairy  plcs smiling face plc 0plc flowers wagon plc happy easter 2 plc little gumdrop plc lovely fairy plc haliquin girl plc shabby plc haliquin plc lady rose plc rose plc black and white plc love flowers plc floral plc wedding plc happy easter 1 plc hunny bear plc blue lady plc lady ann plc lotus . .fishing around tha world gold celabrate wave  .. rose   . blue bird a flower blue fairy blue lagoon camolot christmas rose dream floral 2 floral spray stacker 1 .plc 0plc fairy in blue forest flower frame plc love bear plc carole plc pink rose plc princess plc
jan 1st 2015
.lemonds yellow and green  CU4CU blue and pink papers CU4CU make a list backing papers CU4CU  backing papers CU4CU blue  lilac      CU4CU   . money trays    CU4CU     frameCU4CU frame CU4CU maze CU4CU seasun       CU4CU sun  CU4CU       waterway       CU4CU ice     CU4CU     ivy  CU4CU leaves background         .CU4CU red blue b paper          CU4CU blue embossed b paper a4 A4 backing paper CU4CU skrews    CU4CU b paper  c b paaper         c b paper c Page 0b paper       c b paper  c b paper          c background7d rings       . steel            c Page papery Page 0papery2 paper4 eyes  CU4CU paper3b paper  CU4CU paper CU4CU background  CU4CU                  c opink            CU4CU beigh CU4CU background autumn plc orange background plc backing pape backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing paper backing apaper backing paper backing  paper 2 .backing paper backing  paper 1 backing paper  lilac backing paper12 backing paper blue backing paper 10 backing paper99 backing paper8 backing paper 7 backing paper6 backing apaper5 backing paper4 backing  paper 2 .backing paper2 backing  paper 1 .backing paper plc .backing paper plc. .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc .backing paper plc florel      plc background paper plc 3pm  plc .red jewel plc jewel  plc .blue flower  plc Art-A-Night-on-Broadwaybb Art-A-Night-on-Broadwayb Art-Afternoon-b Art-A-Day-in-Septemberb Ariana-in-Wonderlandb Angel-on-the-Moon-wpwbxxb mmmmmhuyt 77BLANKVALPINKSwhr2 blue lagoon _mothers_day_2b .bp .backing paper plc .backing paper .-A-Day-inautumn .-Wonderlandb blue angel .backing paper pink heart blue lagoon plc .pink feathers .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .PINKS .PINKS blue lagoon .backing paper b paper 8 plcn b paper  plc r b paper 8 plc b peper plc b paper 6 plc b paper 5 plc paper 4 plc b paper plc 3 b paper 3 plc b paper 2 plc red b paper plc backgrounds  pack plc .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper plc .background .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper plc .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper .backing paper background plc  1 oval5 ovalpl 4 bapaper 4 oval pl3 oval3 bpaper3 oval pl1 oval 1 b paper1 Bar010f eastertile8c eastertile8p eastertile8r eastertile8u eastertile17k eastertile14h fine design magdalena 2 - Copyax fine design magdalena 2 - Copya fine design magdalena 2a b paper0 .backing paper .backing paper skylight flower dotty plc backgrounds plc 2backgrounds plc 2 background papers plc .background paper .background paper .background paper .background paper background .background paper background paper  8plc background paper 11 plc background paper 1plc background paper 3plc background paper 7plc background paper 9plc background paper g plc background paper gg background paper s plc background paper6 plc background weave 4plc background paper 22 plc weave background paper plc2 weave background paper plc2 flame plc madalian plc bg9plc s bg1plc cu4cu . plc  cu4cu bg8plc bg7plc bg6plc cu4cu bg5plcb bg5plc  cu4cu bg4 plc bg 4 plc bg 3plc
amy .
flowers in your hair plc feather in your hat plc blue flower hat plc feather hat plc green hat plc all in blue plc summer days plc.. deep blue plc lrg pressy plc pink ballett plc our rose plc overthe edge snowman plc Scarlett plc cold winter      plc easel card on A3 paper green easel card lay out on A3 easel on A3 paper... easel C1 easel card C easel B1 easel card b.. easelA1 geen easel card A easel cards easel C1 easel card C easel B1 easel card b.. geen easel card A easelA1 easel B1 easel card b.. easelA1 geen easel card A interlocking box .interlocking box pink interlocking box red interlocking box interlocking box 1 bird song flight of the butterfies plc floris teddy love mauve lantern card lovely in green pure white. .fairy blue hearts and flowers say it with flowers bless the angel lovely in green say it with flowers bless the angel lovely in green white flower singing    plc for him happy deer 611 3900 - Copy rain or shine rain or shine. plc welcome home plc gingerbread man  plc ginger girl  over the edge card  plc welcome home plc rain or shine  pplc buds plc ballerina stacker card plc floating flowers his christmas her snowwoman little drummer boy g little drummer boy  r his christmas her snowman congratulations plc little rose  plc twins 2 twins twins 2 twins raindeer mask pl raindeer mask pl.jpg.g raindeer plc2 - Copy raindeer mask pl.c. snow family white christmas plc happy days christmas plc ghostly cats plc celebrate Swan  plc farmed plc decoupage sheet plc tn_autumm flight heart box plc rose box  plc 2013.  plc clock plc time plc gold locket plc starlight plc decoupage horse plc over the edge horse plc Cancer Ribbon plc motor plc lighting 2 .lights red heart plc blue heart plc red silver bag fronts plc red silver bag plc bag inst plc bag instuctions blue bag fronts blue bag plc bags plc new year wine new year wine makeup teapot plc makeup teapot plc teapott plc tea 3plc tea plc2 teapot  plc teapot easel plc tea plc take fight plc mr fix it  plc fashion plc .. elegance plc train plc lady in town plc blue blue rose plc green stone plc birds plc time and time plc zigzag inst zigzag window embelishments zigzag window card zigzag card plc anytime card plc easel2plc easel card 2 plc star time  plc deco follies plc your a star plc wedding day plc ladybird plc easel1 easel 1 my garden plc flowers and pearls plc sorry you are leaving plc floral plc your my angel plc robins hideaway plc flower card plc piecefull plc worldwind plc red rose plc velvet rose plc yellow rose plc tiled fabric plc basket weave plc .2 card fronts monkey around flame plc Bless plc still together plc deer plc flame plc cheers plc don,t feed the tree,s plc twinkle toes plc woodland plc sun fairy plc bear hugs plc flowers in bloom plc greenary plc perfume plc  vvv gypsy plc lady flowers plc lemonade  plc flight plc jest a celebrate  plc creams plc sketch with verse plc card and insert plc butterfly plc love the hair plc shadow plc framed flowers plc farm plc doggy best wishes plc she,s a lady plc she,s a lady plc she,s a lady plc sun flower fairy plc bob and friends plc ride plc I did plcv love plc flower power plc cute in green plc the cats whiskers plc arrows plc love hearts plc peaches plc my diary plc love hearts plc2 party plc pait a cake plc anniversary plc kitty cats nsr plc scarecrow nsr plc scarecrow plc 2 party plc paint a cake plc wool and lace plc pink flower plc love each other plc over the edge card alice plc miss Elie wool and lace plc orange plc black and blue plc blue plc gold plc my horse plc wall hanging plc complete card tiger feathers complete card wolf plc blue sleeper plc wool and lace plc pink flower plc love each other plc roses and more plc blooms plc card front  ,topper 3 tags decoupage plc bubbles black is beautiful jaffy franedd loveee blueee card front decoupage tags purple fan greeting tags flowered fan 5 greeting tags plc my little lady in green plc my little lady bag plc bag instuctions plc easter bag plc simple flowers plc fuscia  plc valentine plc love dreams plc heart bear card plc card front decupage  tabs plc simple flowers plc sweet flowers plc butterfly,s plc with love plc basket of pansy,s plc Daisy plc flowers and love plc wiild rose plc heartfelt plc to give plc sunshine and flowers plc elegance plc you make me smile plc in the pink plc rose garden plc verse plc flowered heart plc fiona plc hello plc violet  bubbles swanlake violet bubbles plc madi  grass plc party plc framed plc love plc.. young love plc madi gras  plc meow plc simplicity pussy cat plc sunshine and flowers plc.. catch a fallen star plc madi plc flower girl plc flower bike plc easter bunny plc happy easter plc patty plc steam plc queen of steam plc shipmate plc blue flower set plc blue flw verse plc simply blue plc complete card and verse plc .complete card and verse plc 2 card front flw plc 2 heart card fronts 2 heart card fronts plc mardi gras lime plc mardi gras plc . sunflower fairy plc be mine complete card plc love complete card blue globe plc pink globe plc red heart plc complete card plc... where the heart is plc blue lady plc card with verse plc three sisters plc girl with dog plc complete card girl plc complete card plc.. singing bird plc boots plc boots insert backing paper 1 pllc complete catd plc dog insert dog plc Haley plc with love plc small hat plc celebrate plc blueey bluey plc little bluey plc pink bunny plc yellow bunny plc lilac bunny plcc blue bunny plc kitty plc kitty kat kitty.. doggy  .... dogg lover plc lovely for mothers day plc dacing the night awat plc dance plc rose card plc so crabby plc lilac insert plc violets plc pansys plc whats so funny2 scarecrow b complete card 1 what so funny plc design sheet plc desing sheets plc ship plc what so funny plc teddy verse plc teddys bathtine plc teddy,s bits toytime bits  plc toy time  plc teddy verse plc toy insert bird card plc bird decoupage plc bird insert bird card plc bird decoupage plc bird insert eggs plc happy birthday 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 backing paper tabs plc card front  topperr 4tabs 2 boarders plc card front topper pc card front decoupage plc... gold fairys plc china doll 3 china doll 2 china doll 1 plc blue bird plc celabrate plc lady fay plc . card front decoupage or topper plc celabrate blue plc plc card front decoupage or topper 2 images plcs .card front and topper 2 images plc dec plc decoupage or you choose plc 2 card plc cute dog  plc sweet plc flowers plc love my sis  plc block decoupage and 3 boarders plc orkid        plc pefect flowers plc petals card front decoupage butterfly background hearts allowed stacker plc butterfly stacker plc 3 heads are better than one plc the eye of the swan plc

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Design background:

hi everyone

i got into card craft after retiring on ill health

i have always done creative work fashion design teaching

i fashion desighn flower arraging,soft furnishing,when i became ill i could not carry on with my hobbies thats when i started using a computer,and here i amm.hoping to make many crafty friends

thankyou to everyone who visits my design,s

Where do you get your inspiration from:

c/craft cd,s  my craft studio  c,ds

i get inspired from everywhere and everyone


Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:


What Inspires You:

has to be stephanie nancy dianne mcs is greate and so are they


If I had 3 wishes:


world peace

everyone had food to eat warmth, and a happy life

to be well again

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