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  • Nancy
  • Nancy Watt

  • England
  • 31 Aug 2010
  • nancy


Lilac Fashion Paper 1 Lilac Fashion Paper Lilac Fashion Topper
Alice Design Sheet Mildred Design Sheet Robert & Josephine Design Sheet Rose Design Sheet Ruby Design Sheet
Design Sheets
sheet 1 sheet 1b mini twisted circle easel card Austen Sheet 1 Austen Backing 1 Austen Sheet 2b Austen Backing 2b Austen Sheet 2c Austen Backing 2c Austen Sheet 2d Austen Backing 2d Austen Sheet 2e Austen Backing 5 Design Sheet Lilac Rose
Art Deco

Above is a sample of some of the galleries by Nancy. Click a gallery to see all the designs in it if any take your fancy or View All Galleries by this designer.

Design background:
Been crafting virtually all my life.  Started my own little craft business about 20 years ago, ran this alongside my “proper job” as a Graphic Designer. About 10 years ago, decided to put them together and here I am today!
Where do you get your inspiration from:
Oooh inspiration is all around us.  From a combination of colours to watching a film, and especially dreams!
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:

I am very lucky to design and create artwork for My Craft Studio CD Rom, I design the free papers and write an article for Making Cards Magazine every month.  I also appear on Create and Craft/Ideal World from time to time as a guest demonstrating MCS and all sorts of other crafty products!

I am a very, very proud Platinum Member of the My Craft Studio Club and also a member of the Create and Craft Club.  I have also done graphic design work (all craft related!) on brands such as DC Comics, Marvel and Sandra Kuck. Can’t name the latest I’m afraid but will do when it all comes out!

What Inspires You:
I think Stephanie is a genius!.
If I had 3 wishes:
Health and happiness for my loved ones and dear friends, and enough time to craft!
More about me:
I think that laughter is the best medicine, when that doesn’t work then have a Gin and Tonic!! (Just joking of course!!)
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My favourite CraftRabbit Designs

Here are some of my favourtie designs by CraftRabbit designers which I have given star ratings.
sheet 1
Design Sheet Lilac Rose