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  • Meldelcrafts
  • Melanie Jones
  • Newton Aycliffe
  • UK
  • 4 Sep 2010
  • meldelcrafts


Daisy Chain Blue A-I Daisy Chain Blue J-Q Daisy Chain Blue R-Z Daisy Chain Blue a-i lowercase Daisy Chain Blue j-q lowercase Daisy Chain Blue r-z lowercase Daisy Chain Blue 1-9 Daisy Chain Blue 0 and toppers Dotty Hearts a-z lowercase Dotty Hearts A-Z uppercase Dotty Hearts numbers Dotty Red Hearts Pink Dotty Hearts and Daisies Toppers Daisy Chain Pink 0 and toppers Daisy Chain Pink 1-9 Daisy Chain Pink A-I Daisy Chain Pink a-i lowercase Daisy Chain Pink J-Q Daisy Chain Pink j-q lowercase Daisy Chain Pink R-Z Daisy Chain Pink r-z lowercase
Alphabet Sets
Hungry Ladybird
Digital Stamps
Butterfly Design Sheet Hungry Ladybird Design Sheet Merry Christmas Design Sheet Merry Christmas Design Sheet
Design Sheets
Hungry Ladybird Backing Paper Spring Spots Summer Spots Autumn Spots Winter Spots Big Yummy Cupcakes Backing Paper Small Yummy Cupcakes Backing Paper Merry Christmas Backing Paper Cupcake Stripes Daisy Chain Blue Bubble Gum Stripes flower power blue flower power pink Bubble Gum Pattern Bubble Gum Surprise white flower blue white flower green white flower lilac white flower pink white flower yellow flower power white Candy Bubble Candy Bubble Blue Candy Bubble Green Candy Bubble Lilac Candy Bubble Pink Candy Bubble White Daisy Chain Pink Daisy Chain Pink Checked Daisy Chain Pink Stripes Daisy Chain Daisies Dotty Pink Hearts 2 White Dotty Pink Hearts Pink Dotty Pink Hearts White Dotty Red Hearts 2 Pink Dotty Red Hearts Pink Dotty Red Hearts Red Dotty Red Hearts White Dotty Small Red Hearts White
Backing Papers

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Design background:
I have been crafting for many years, I started serious crafting when I was at Uni and it grew from there, I have tried many different types of crafts over the years and will probably try many more. I always have a project or several on the go.
Where do you get your inspiration from:
I probably get my inspiration from the things around me, nature, magazines, homelife. I love using bright colours in my designs. I have young children so get alot of inspiration from childrens books, I love the fun designs and colours used. 
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:
I've started making handmade jewellery recently and having loads of fun with it. I've sold a few pieces already which is a bonus. :)
If I had 3 wishes:

More hours in the day.

A craft fairy to tidy up my craft room each day.

The sun to shine everyday :)

More about me:

I have my own website, why not pop over and say hello :)


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