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  • Kaylee girl
  • Kaylee Girl

  • 1 Nov 2015
  • kaylee girl

Kaylee girl

pink_and_white_ floral deepest sympathy happy engagement from me to you make a wish love at first sight Special Day wedding day Wonderful Day Congratulations Its A Girl best wishes easter holidays Happy Easter Mum Mum 2 best friend Love Is Worthwhile i love you weve shared so much best friend best friend weve shared so much best wishes congratulations its a girl best wishes deepest sympathy easter holidays from me to you happy easter happy engagement love at first sight love is worth while make a wish mum mum 2 special day wedding day wonderful day birthday wishes dream come true rose love Love Never Hurts You Are Someone you're_having_a_birthday remembering_with_you christmas_castle christmas_police_box may_hope_and_peace_be_yours memories 2 3 4 5 1 1 1 2 3 5 Blossom_Toppers blue_bird_toppers Blossom_Toppers blue_bird_toppers easter_toppers easter_toppers_1 pink_floral_toppers purple_floral_toppers Bridle_Lady Bridle_Lady_2 Bridle_Lady_3 Pretty in Pink golden_geisha geisha_bridge happy_birthday_kitten cat_toppers bunnie_toppers cat_toppers bunnie_toppers
card making

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Design background:
hello everyone

i started of designing with pencil and paper, then a friend introduced me to the digital art world i have been designing for 1 year now and got the gist of how to do it quite quickly.

you may use my work comercialy but please always put something with it.

Do not use my work as is and please credit me with this link as follows.

i hope you all enjoy my stock
Where do you get your inspiration from:

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What Inspires You:

If I had 3 wishes:

More about me:

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