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  • SLJ16
  • Sarah Juddery

  • England
  • 12 May 2013
  • SLJ16


Backing paper (daisy)-slj16 Orange Flower-slj16 Blue Stripe - slj16 Happy Birthday- slj16 Happy Easter backing paper-slj16  Backing paper (Blue flower) -slj16 Purple pansy backing-slj16 orange Pansy & green Stripe backing paper-slj16 orange pansy & pink background-slj16 Card template (Daisy)-slj16 Bag template (daisy) -slj16 Daisy topper Sheet topper (Daisy) -slj16 yellow card template-slj16 Daisy card template Decoupage butterfly-slj16 Decoupage pink flower-slj16 Beautiful Roses backing paper-slj16 gift tags -red assortment-slj16 Blue flower backing paper -slj16 Beautiful Roses backing paper-slj16 Daisy backing paper-slj16 Daisy bag template-slj16 Daisy card template-slj16 daisy card toppers-slj16 yellow card template-slj16 blue stripe backing paper-slj16 gift tags -red-slj16 Happy Birthday backing paper-slj16 Happy Easter backing paper-slj16 Orange Flower backing paper-slj16 orange pansy  and green stripe backing paper-slj16 orange pansy & pink background-slj16 Purple pansy backing paper-slj16 Scrapbook sheet floral-slj16 Embellishments-slj16 Floral sc-slj16rapbook sheet bursting with flowers backing paper-slj16 hearts design sheet-slj16 poppies background- slj16
Crafty Creations

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Design background:
I've done all sorts of crafting throughout my life , i have also done paintings and they were in an art exhibition when i was 18 then i started making cards ,did a bit of glass painting and sketching. 

i'm currently learning how to sketch fairies, so might incorporate them in my designs. 
Where do you get your inspiration from:
I Don't tend to think about what i'm going to draw or design, i just seem to put my pencil to the paper and start drawing and see what comes up.

What Inspires You:

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