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Scalloped Pyramage Blue Roses[1]DWJ Scalloped Pyramage Blue Roses[2]DWJ Mini Kit Jewelled Butterfly[1]DWJ Mini Kit Jewelled Butterfly[2]DWJ Mini Kit Jewelled Butterfly[3]DWJ Mini Kit Jewelled Butterfly[4]DWJ Mini Kit Jewelled Butterfly[5]DWJ Easel card kit Hibiscus[1]-DWJ Easel card kit Hibiscus-[2]-DWJ Easel card kit Hibiscus-[3]-DWJ easel shaped Flora on Blue[1]DWJ easel shaped Flora on Blue[2]DWJ easel shaped Flora on Blue[3]DWJ Tri Shutter-Just for You [A]-DWJ Tri Shutter-Just for You [B]-DWJ Tri Shutter-Just for You [C]-DWJ Butterfly Toppers and Easel[1]-DWJ Butterfly Toppers and Easel[2]-DWJ Special Day Rose decoupage-DWJ Special Day Rose Pyramage-DWJ Special Day Rose background[1]-DWJ Special Day Rose background[2]-DWJ Special Day Rose background[3]-DWJ Christmas Bells Rocker[1]DWJ Christmas Bells Rocker[2]DWJ Christmas Bells Rocker[3]DWJ Christmas Bells Rocker[4]DWJ Mix n Match [1]-DWJ Mix n Match [2]-DWJ Mix n Match [3]-DWJ Vintage Roses Toppers-DWJ Vintage Roses Duo Backgrounds[3]-DWJ Vintage Roses Duo Backgrounds[2]-DWJ Vintage Roses Duo Backgrounds[1]-DWJ [1] Poinsettia Easel pyramage-DWJ [2]Poinsettia Easel base-DWJ Floral pop-out card sheet 1-DWJ Floral pop-out card sheet 2-DWJ Floral pop-out card sheet 3-DWJ Floral pop-out card sheet 4-DWJ Vintage Angel mini kit[1]-DWJ Vintage Angel mini kit[2]-DWJ Vintage Angel mini kit[3]-DWJ Vintage Angel scalloped card B [1]DWJ Vintage Angel scalloped card B[2]DWJ Vintage Angel scalloped card B[3]DWJ Rose Diamond foldback[1]-DWJ Rose Diamond foldback[2]-DWJ 2 Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 2A Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 2B Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 1 Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 1A  Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 1C  Little Miss Rosy-DWJ 1 On a Summers Day -DWJ 2 On a Summers Day -DWJ Butterfly easel card-DWJ Butterfly easel envelope a-DWJ Butterfly easel envelope b-DWJ [A] Owl Shaped Card-DWJ [b] Owl Shaped Card Insert-DWJ Design Sheet Pink Rose[1]DWJ Design Sheet Pink Rose[2]DWJ Design Sheet White Daisy[1]DWJ Design Sheet White Daisy[2]DWJ Book Style for the Lads [1]-DWJ Book Style for the Lads [3]-DWJ Book Style for the Lads [2]-DWJ Book Style for the Lads [4]-DWJ Art Neaveux Iris mini kit[1]-DWJ Art Neaveux Iris mini kit[2]-DWJ Art Neaveux Iris mini kit[3]-DWJ Art Neaveux Iris mini kit[4]-DWJ [A] Butterfly Quick card DWJ [B] Butterfly Insert-DWJ 2 Butterfly two toppers-DWJ 1 Butterfly card front and decoupage-DWJ 3 Butterfly background-DWJ 4 Butterfly background [b]-DWJ 5 Butterfly card front insert-DWJ 1 Octogen Trifold Set B-DWJ 2 Octogen Trifold Set B-DWJ 1 Octogen Trifold Set-DWJ 2 Octogen Trifold Set-DWJ Teapot Easel Card 1-DWJ Teapot Easel Card 2-DWJ 1 Poppy Topper-DWJ 2 Poppy Easel-DWJ 3 Poppy Background-DWJ Cottage Teapot-New Home A-DWJ Cottage Teapot-New Home B-DWJ 1 Pop up pressies Easel card-DWJ 2 Pop up pressies Easel Envy-DWJ 3 Pop up pressies Easel background-DWJ 4 Snow Globe  background 1-DWJ 5 Snow Globe  background 2-DWJ 6 Snow Globe background-DWJ 2 Snow Globe design sheet b-DWJ 3 Snow Globe design sheet-DWJ 1 Snow Globe Toppers-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 1-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 2-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 3-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 4-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 5-DWJ Chocolate Snowglobe kit 6-DWJ No hole Foldback  Winter Wishes 1-DWJ No hole Foldback  Winter Wishes 2-DWJ No hole Foldback  Winter Wishes 3-DWJ No hole Foldback Tulip 1-DWJ No hole Foldback Tulip  2-DWJ No hole Foldback Tulip 3 background-DWJ 1 Foldback Fairy Christmas kit-DWJ 2 Foldback Fairy Christmas kit-DWJ 3 Foldback Fairy Background-DWJ 4 Foldback Fairy Back -DWJ 5 Foldback Fairy front-DWJ 6 Foldback Fairy Liner -DWJ Spring Multi Fold Card kit 1-DWJ Spring Multi Fold Card kit 2-DWJ Spring Multi Fold Card kit 3-DWJ Spring Multi Fold Card kit 4-DWJ Spring Multi Fold Card kit 5-DWJ wild rose foldback sheet 1-DWJ wild rose foldback sheet 2-DWJ wild rose foldback sheet 3-DWJ wild rose foldback sheet 4-DWJ
2 SETS Varous inc Christmas
Shabby chic Birds Stacker-DWJ Shabby chic Floral shaped card 2-DWJ Shabby chic Floral shaped card-DWJ Shabby chic Floral stackers-DWJ Vintage Shabby Chic-DWJ Jewelled flutters shabby Roses-DWJ Shabby Chic Floral decoupage-DWJ Shabby Chic-embellishmentsDWJ Shabby chic Cameo Rose-DWJ Shabby chic Cameo-DWJ Shabby chic-DWJ Shabby chic bird botanical-DWJ Music Design Sheet-DWJ Music Rose Design Sheet-DWJ Shabby Chic Lovely Ladies Toppers-DWJ Vintage Rose-DWJ 6-artneuveux_cardfront 25 Neuveux ladies trio-DWJ 28 Large Square Rose Lady-DWJ 30 Shabby Chic-DWJ 33 Shabby chic-Rosey Lea-DWJ 34 Shabby chic-Rosey Lea-DWJ
4- Shabby Chic
Rose Hexagon-mini twisted easel Rose Hexagon-mini envelope Treasure chest style box-DWJ 1B Book Poppy- DWJ 1B Book Poppy -DWJ Fairy silhouette shaped card-DWJ Peony book part DWJ Peony book part 2-DWJ Winter Teddy Bear shaped card-DWJ Heart shaped -old Rose decoupage-DWJ Book-Speciak Wishes-DWJ Book-Special Wishes decoupage-DWJ Flowers of Tomorrow-DWJ Antique Roses rocker card-DWJ Fairy Rocker card-DWJ Puppy in pocket-DWJ Antique Roses shaped gatefold-DWJ Antique Roses shaped gatefold 2-DWJ Rose -octogon centre stepper-creamDWJ Rose -octogon centre stepper-DWJ scallop edge pocket-tag topper-DWJ scallop edge pocket-tag card base-DWJ Book-Topper or card-Lillies and Flutters-DWJ Trifold-DWJ squeak cupcake cases-DWJ Scallop edge and pocket card-DWJ Book-Christmas-DWJ For Someone Special -Trifold-DWJ Book-Perfect day-DWJ Book Christmas contemporary-DWJ Book Orchid Shoe-DWJ Book topper-Warm Winter Wishes-DWJ Book Shoe Diva-DWJ Teardrop trifold-Shoe-DWJ Bear Hugs-Trifold-DWJ Flip flop card-pink rose-DWJ Book-Peace lily and Roses-DWJ Book Purple and bronze-DWJ Book Shoes and Lace-DWJ Fairy octogen stepper=DWJ Book purple Rose-Shoes-DWJ Scallop easel card-sheet A-DWJ Scallop easel card sheet B -DWJ Fairy foldback card-DWJ Puppies Birthday-DWJ Christmas candles trifold-DWJ Book Cranberry Delight-DWJ Book MEWOW-DWJ Easel card-DWJ Pink scallop gatefold-DWJ Christmas Teardrop contemporary-DWJ Christmas Teardrop-DWJ Bracket Book-Blue Fairy-DWJ Bracket Book-Dolly Diva-DWJ Christmas scallop circle easel card-DWJ Book Stand-DWJ Book stand Dark-DWJ Book Christmas Bells-DWJ Theatre card flutters-DWJ Theatre card-DWJ Arched trifold-DWJ scallop pockets and tags-DWJ Art Deco-DWJ Steampunk trifold-DWJ 1A Winter florals-Trifold-DWJ Diarama Puppy love 1-DWJ Diarama Puppy love 2-DWJ 1 Shelf card-DWJ 1 Shelf card-DWJ 3 Shelf card-DWJ Envelope style card-DWJ Over the edge Puppy Love 1-DWJ Over the edge Puppy Love 2-DWJ insert plaques-DWJ Tulip trifold 1-DWJ Tulip trifold 2-DWJ Flutter Theatre-DWJ Pretty in pink Book Topper-DWJ Red Rose Book-Topper-DWJ Orchid envelope card-DWJ Book Cherish Yesterday-DWJ Book Red and Black-DWJ Silk Roses Trifold-DWJ 0 Bracket easel card-DWJ Yellow Rose of Friendship for Mum-DWJ Y. Rose  Friendship decoupage-DWJ Vintage Arched Card-DWJ Vintage Arched Card insert-DWJ Folk art birds shaped card-DWJ Folk art birds shaped insert-DWJ Easel Card Bloom-DWJ easel Picturesque Flutters-DWJ Toppers x 2 -Picturesque Flutters-DWJ Easel card Dahlia 1-DWJ Easel card Dahlia 2 [envelope]-DWJ Easel Card Floral pyramage [1]-DWJ Easel Card Floral pyramage [2]-DWJ Book Topper-Open Rose-DWJ Bear Hugs-DWJ Shoe Card Square[a]-DWJ Shoe Card Square[b]-DWJ Butterfly Over the Edge [1]-DWJ Butterfly Over the Edge [2]-DWJ Poppy Easel card-DWJ Teapot Shaped card-decoupage-DWJ Teapot Pink Flower-DWJ Teapot card Flowers n flutters DWJ Lilac Shaped card Flutter Rose-DWJ Shaped Rose,Flutter and Ladybird-DWJ Blue Floral Octagen-DWJ Dandelion Shaped Card-DWJ New Home Shaped Card-DWJ Book Style Hyacinth Topper-DWJ Book Style Xmas Quick card-DWJ Book Style Snowdrop Topper-DWJ Book Style Topper-DWJ Pretty in Lilac--Easel card-DWJ Pretty in Pink-Easel card-DWJ Pretty in Tangerine--Easel card-DWJ Entwined Hearts Valentine-DWJ Valentine Curvy Rose -DWJ Valentine Book -DWJ 15-elephant_wobble-dwj 16-floral_cascade_dwj
Books and shaped cards
Steampunk-DWJ Scrap page  12x12 Special Wishes just for you-turq-DWJ Special Wishes just for you-red-DWJ silver black-DWJ pink white-DWJ Steampunk paper-DWJ Steampunk paper 3-DWJ background duo 5-DWJ background duo blue-DWJ background duo-sage-DWJ Spring floral paper 1-DWJ Spring floral paper 2-DWJ Spring floral paper 3-DWJ Spring floral paper 4-DWJ Spring floral paper 5-DWJ Spring floral paper 6-DWJ spring floral 7-DWJ Steampunk newspaper Background Paper floral-DWJ wild one -DWJ wild one b marbled chocolate-DWJ Flutters on Lace-DWJ Vintage Blue Flowers-DWJ Monochrome grunge-DWJ Swirly paper-DWJ Vibrant grunge 2-DWJ Vibrant grunge 3-DWJ Vibrant grunge 3-DWJ Vibrant grunge 4-DWJ Vibrant grunge 4-DWJ Vibrant grunge 5-DWJ Vibrant grunge 6-DWJ Vibrant grunge 7-DWJ Vibrant grunge 1-DWJ Background hearts-DWJ paper floral lilac-DWJ Steampunk Grunge-DWJ Mums day paper-DWJ Mums day paper 2-DWJ flourish 1-DWJ flourish 2-DWJ flourish 3-DWJ flourish 4-DWJ flourish 5-DWJ flourish 6-DWJ flourish 7-DWJ flourish 8-DWJ flourish 9-DWJ flourish 10-DWJ backgrounds duo 1-DWJ backgrounds duo 2-DWJ Backgrounds Flutters 1-DWJ Backgrounds Flutters 2-DWJ Backgrounds Flutters 3-DWJ Backgrounds Flutters 4-DWJ backgrounds duo 3-DWJ backgrounds duo 4-DWJ 1 Floral Bright-DWJ 2 Floral Bright-DWJ 1 Floral Rich-DWJ 3  Floral Bright-DWJ 4  Floral Bright-DWJ 2 Floral Rich-DWJ 3 Floral Rich-DWJ 4  Floral Rich-DWJ 5  Floral Bright-DWJ Small Floral Pattern-DWJ Shabby Chic[2]-DWJ Small Floral Pattern 3-DWJ Small Floral Pattern 4-DWJ Roses background[3]-DWJ Background Lace-DWJ Background Lace 2-DWJ Steampunk Damask A-DWJ Steampunk Damask B-DWJ Steampunk Damask C-DWJ vintage floral A-DWJ Vintage floral B-DWJ Vintage floral c-DWJ Rose Background-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 1-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 2-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 3-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 4-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 5-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 6-DWJ Crinkle Flourish Gold 7-DWJ Vintage floral d-DWJ Vintage floral e-DWJ Vintage floral f-DWJ Vintage floral g-DWJ Vintage floral h-DWJ words-DWJ  Floral sepia-DWJ backgrounds duo lilac sepia Floral-DWJ Floral Black-white-DWJ Candy Stripes 1-DWJ Candy Stripes 2-DWJ Candy Stripes 4-DWJ Filigree Flutters 1 Chocolate-DWJ Filigree Flutters 2 Black-DWJ Filigree Flutters 3 Purple-DWJ Rainbow flutters-DWJ Rainbow flutters 2-DWJ Rainbow flutters 3-DWJ Rainbow flutters 4-DWJ  Floral Pinks-DWJ Cream silk Flourish background-DWJ words 2-DWJ Embossed flutters background-DWJ Floral vintage duo-DWJ Floral vintage duo 2-DWJ Flouriish Pink-DWJ Flouriish Turquoise-DWJ Damask gold 1-DWJ Damask Gold 2-DWJ Damask Gold 3-DWJ Damask Embossed Duo-DWJ Duo-cream satin,copper satin-DWJ Duo-green satin,pink satin-DWJ Duo-lilacsatin,teal satin-DWJ Embossed [1]-DWJ Embossed [2]-DWJ Embossed [3]-DWJ Embossed [4]-DWJ Embossed [5]-DWJ Embossed [6]-DWJ Roses Background [1]DWJ Roses Background [2]-DWJ Shabby Chic[2]-DWJ Shabby Chic[1]-DWJ  Vintage floral-DWJ rb7 Watercolour rose [1]-DWJ Floral Duo [2]-DWJ Spots [1]-DWJ Monochrome [1]-DWJ Monochrome [2]-DWJ Monochrome [3]-DWJ Monochrome [4]-DWJ Monochrome [5]-DWJ Monochrome [6]-DWJ Flourish duo backgrounds-DWJ Red vine background-DWJ Pretty blue floral-DWJ
background papers[1] 20p

Above is a sample of some of the galleries by DIANA WOODS-JERAM. Click a gallery to see all the designs in it if any take your fancy or View All Galleries by this designer.

Design background:

I have been making cards for about four years now,but have always been into crafty things.Love getting messy with glitter and glue.Got a new computer for Xmas so I can now enjoy My Craft Studio Professional.Have also been using Serif software.

My greatest love is my craftRobo.

Where do you get your inspiration from:
Inspiration comes out of my head and all my crafty goodies,that surround me in what was once my bedroom.
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:
Daisytrail website is wonderful and really friendly,have recently started making scrapbook pages,mainly of my doggies,past and present.
What Inspires You:
I admire Barbara Grey and love all the old Cucakecrafting CD's.
If I had 3 wishes:

I would like my health back.

unlimited cash for crafting goodies

a mansion to keep them in

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