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  • CraftyGals
  • CraftyGals
  • Cheshire
  • UK
  • 17 Sep 2010
  • CraftyGals


Comfort & Joy Jumbled Pyramage Daisy Pot Jumbled Pyramage FairyTale Dream Jumbled Pyramage Football Fever Jumbled Pyramage Friends Jumbled Pyramage Happy Holidays Jumbled Pyramage HoHoHo Jumbled Pyramage Hugs & Cuddles Jumbled Pyramage Love U Jumbled Pyramage Make My heart Bloom Jumbled Pyramage Music In Your Heart Jumbled Pyramage Our Little Monster Jumbled Pyramage Pirate Jumbled Pyramage Princess Jumbled Pyramage So Many Reasons Jumbled Pyramage Somebirdy Jumbled Pyramage
Jumble Pyramage Sheets
What A Hoot Decoupage Pink Rose Decoupage Cute Hedgehog Decoupage Lavender Rose Decoupage Pretty Fairy Pyramage Baby Decoupage Graduation Decoupage Lilac Pansy Invertage Garden Angel Pyramage Floral Decoupage Moonlight Swans
Design Sheets - General
Boy Racer Pyramage Sheet Preview Boy Racer Pyramage Sheet BP3 Boy Racer Pyramage Sheet BP2 Boy Racer Pyramage Sheet BP1 Boy Racer Pyramage Sheet Ahoy Shelf Card Preview Ahoy Shelf Card Main Ahoy Shelf Card Layers 1 Ahoy Shelf Card Layers 2 Ahoy Shelf Card Layers Ahoy Shelf Card Main Envy Front Ahoy Shelf Card Main Envy Back Ahoy 8x8 Card Preview Ahoy 8x8 Card Ahoy 8x8 Card Back Ahoy 8x8 Card EB Ahoy 8x8 Card EF Ahoy 8x8 Card Insert Ahoy 8x8 Card Insert 2 Ahoy 8x8 Card Layers Fisherman 8x8 Card Preview-1000x1000 Fisherman 8x8 Card Fisherman 8x8 Card Back Fisherman 8x8 Card EB Fisherman 8x8 Card EF Fisherman 8x8 Card Layers Dad Word Book Dad Word Book Layers Dad Word Book EF Dad Word Book EB
Card Kits - Men
Quilted Heart 5 x7 Card 1 Quilted Heart 5 x7 Card 2 Quilted Heart 5 x7 Card EB Quilted Heart 5 x7 Card EF Quilted Heart 5 x7 Card Insert Giving My Heart Envelope Easel Card Giving My Heart Envelope Easel Card BP Giving My Heart Envelope Easel Card EB Giving My Heart Envelope Easel Card EF Giving My Heart Envelope Easel Card Stopper & Lay
Card Kits - Valentines Day

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Design background:
We have both been crafting since we were little. Our little diddy fingers loved playing in glitter and glue lol :)
Where do you get your inspiration from:
Many, many places. Mostly we inspire each other and bounce ideas off each other :)
Are you involved in any other crafty projects or organisations:
We do design on other websites, mainly Paper Creator and here at the lovely Craft Rabbit :)
What Inspires You:
I don't think we have any favourites.
We believe everyone has their own style and design abilities and we are in awe of what others can achieve.
If I had 3 wishes:
1. Health & happiness for all
2. Less stress within the crafting community lol :)
3. More time :)
More about me:
We are 2 Crafty Gals who hail from up north :) We both love designing and having similar tastes in designs ( which helps lol ). We love glitter and glue so always got sparkles everywhere ;) We are crafting sisters. :)
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